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My time with the Nepal Nomad Clinic...

Namaste! My time with the Nomad Clinic was a profound time of service, travel and community building. It is difficult to put into words the depth of this experience, as we trekked through the vastness of the Himalayas in between days of clinic.

Above is Phoksundo Lake, where we began and ended our loop trail. This sacred lake is a different blue throughout the day, and in the early mornings is black with steam dancing on it's surface until the sunrise.

Our team of practitioners served 900 patients and offered allopathic medicine, Tibetan medicine, naturopathic medicine, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, stretching (yoga), donations of children’s clothing, dental hygiene, hygiene clinics, and birth control and pregnancy counseling.

I had the great joy of working in the women's clinic with Michelle (an internist from Colorado), Wangmo (a Nepali nurse, on the left above), Pasang (world renowned mountain guide and our translator, right with one of our patients), and Deb (our fabulous "runner" who is also from Portland, on the right above).

The Nomad Clinic also gave out 1000 toothbrushes, 600 solar lights, 1000 pairs of reading glasses and sunglasses.

We walked 140 miles and gained 54,000 feet of altitude in our 5 weeks in the roadless area of Dolpo.

I am back in Portland and look forward to connecting with you!

Wishing you well and Tashi Deleg!

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